Video Lesson 2/4

Demonstration of a Single Campaign in the Real Estate Prospector Software.

Watch this video to discover how to use the Single Campaign Feature.

This video will show you how to send out only ONE seller contact campaign at a time.

There are only a few things you’ll need to add:
Your Prospect’s Phone number, the address, and their email address.
This will let you prospect using the ‘Triple Threat’ approach of Voice Blast, Text Messaging, and/or Email.
Use any combination of those to prospect.


Scripts for the VoiceBlast…

Script #1: LIVE Answered Call:
TIP: Make this sound like you have a bad connection, just can’t hear the other person, or are not sure if the connection was ever made. You just say “Hello…?” pause a moment, and then hang up. About 30 seconds later, the text message and/or email is sent so that it seems “natural.”


Here’s an example I recorded for you:

Script #2: Voicemail-answered Call.
“Hi, I’m calling about the house I saw advertised for sale.
If it’s still available, could you please either text or call me back at this number?
My (wife/husband & I are)/I’m really interested, and my name is YOUR NAME.

Here’s an example I recorded for you:

-And that’s it!-
Pro TIPS: 
1. Make sure you sound like you’re just TALKING, not reading, obviously.
2. Sound like you’re just talking directly to that person. Be real.
3. Practice a few times so you sound natural.

Software to Use to Record Yourself:

The best & easiest software I’ve found for recording yourself is called “Audacity.”
The great news is that it’s FREE!
You can download it with the link I provide below.
You’ll also need a microphone. Most laptops these days already have them built in.
When you’re done with the two recordings, just email them to me & I’ll take care of it from there.

Choose your appropriate Operating System: PC or Mac on that page.


Make sure you’re comfortable with the single campaign feature before you move on to the next lesson!


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