About Real Estate Prospector


Real Estate Prospector was created to help make prospecting for sellers (or buyers) of real estate (or any business) easier, faster, and MUCH more time efficient.

Ask anyone: What are the three main ways that most people communicate these days?

The answer: By phone, text messages, and email. It’s no mystery.


The Problem:

So if you have a nice-looking batch of leads and your next step is to contact them, what are your choices?

1. Making The Call

Usually, someone has to pick up the phone and call them all, one at a time. Good luck with that!

Most people these days don’t even pick up the phone if the number calling is unknown.

Then there’s that awkward ‘beep’ of the voicemail, where you get to leave your message.

How often do they call you back? And how many times do you say the exact same thing when you leave a message? That gets old fast, doesn’t it?

And it takes TIME.

2. Sending a Text Message

It’s amazing that more people haven’t figured this out yet. If you can’t reach someone by phone, and they’re not returning your calls, why not do the next best thing? Actually, we’ve found this method to BE the Best Thing:
Why not send your prospect a Text Message? (Also known as SMS marketing)

There have been numerous studies done that show Text Messages are read within 10 minutes of receiving them, and these messages are read 90+% of the time!

Well, if that’s the case, why aren’t more people (you) doing this?

Again, it can get pretty old, pretty quickly. Especially if it’s YOU who’s sending out those messages.
I don’t know about you, but personally, I HATE typing on that stupid little keyboard. Especially if you’re basically sending out the same message over & over again.

And it takes TIME.

3.  Shout Out by EMAIL

Our third option to reach people quickly & effectively is email.

Yes, they still work. And yes, people DO reply to them.

But when you have to type out email after email, one by one, saying the same thing over & over again…

It gets old quickly.

And it takes TIME.


The Solution:

But What If There Was an Easier Way?

Relax. There is! And that’s WHY we created Real Estate Prospector.

Using this online software tool, you’ll Quickly & Easily be able to reach your prospects using ALL THREE of those popular modes of communication. In fact, you can prospect for up to thousands of people at the same time with just a few clicks!

…But we wouldn’t recommend it!

In fact, if you’re like most people, you should only send out a campaign of 10-20-30 prospects at once.
Why? Because your phone will be RINGING OFF THE HOOK within MINUTES of pressing ‘Go.’

By ‘Ringing off the Hook,’ I mean your phone will start ringing with calls AND text messages.

And although we can’t guarantee the results, we’ve had many, many campaigns get up to…

But don’t just take our word for it. Try Real Estate Prospector for yourself today. We work with you to customize each and every installation (yes, it’s a huge pain, but that’s what we do for you).

The result is that you get a personalized, automated, and wickedly effective marketing solution that WILL save you HOURS of time & frustration, repeating the same things over & over again.

Why would you do that, when all you need is this?

Get started today. We look forward to helping you grow your business, get more done in less time, and have fun doing it.

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