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Attention Real Estate Investors...

Powerful New Software Helps You Automate Your Prospecting, Contact More Motivated Sellers, and Do More Deals Faster and Cheaper Than Any Other Form of Marketing... Guaranteed!

...Even if You've Already Tried Everything Else

Attention Real Estate Investors: Tired of Shelling Out Thousands of Dollars on Yellow Letter Mailings That Just Don't Work Like They Used to?

Tired of trying to find, hire, and train Virtual Assistants that simply don't 'get' what you're trying to do?

Are you frustrated by all the sellers out there who just won't answer the phone when you call them?

Sick of wasting time, money, and effort on "tired," outdated marketing tactics that simply don't work anymore?

What IF There Was a Better...Faster...EASIER Way?

It's Time For a Change!

Real Estate Prospector
NEW: Version 2.0 PLUS!
The Automated Marketing Software That Does the Heavy Lifting FOR You!

Welcome to the Next Level.
Here's What This Software Does For You...


Instantly Contact Sellers By Phone, Text Message, and/or Email - in ANY Combination!
It's amazing. Most people with a house to sell don't even answer the phone these days. So you've got to reach out to them in more ways than one.  This software gives you at least THREE, and we make it automatic and EASY!


Contact 1, 7, 148, or ANY Number of Prospects You Want to Reach With The Click of a Button.
Using our software, you'll be able to contact any number of sellers/prospects with your personalized message (that we provide if you like). Wow!


Your Phone is Virtually GUARANTEED To Start Ringing Within MINUTES of Your First Campaign...
Imagine clicking a few buttons, and in just a few minutes your phone starts blowing up with calls and text messages from motivated sellers! You've got to see this in action to believe it!


If You Like the "Easy Way" and Still Want the Job Done, This IS The Solution You've Been Looking For!
Yes, it's literally that easy. Just add Your List of Leads (between 1-1,000+) into the Software (between 1-1000+), click a couple buttons, sit back, and within mere minutes, you've got sellers responding, ready to sell their houses to you!  (TIP: Do not send out more than 10-20 at a time unless you can handle the response)

Here's How You'll Learn...

These 4 Training Videos that will will help you get up & running in no time!

Video 1-Intro & Setting It Up

Duration: 7m 50s

Here, you'll learn how to set up the software so that you have it do the work for you.

Video 2-Creating Special Lists

Duration: 7m 28s

In this video, you'll learn exactly how to set up special lists and fields to personalize unlimited campaigns.

Video 3-Setting Up Individual Campaigns

Duration: 10m 52s

In this video, you'll learn exactly how to do your first campaign, one prospect at a time.

Video 4-Doing Multiple Campaigns

Duration: 13m 33s

Ready to rock? You'll learn how to automatically prospect for as many houses as you want, in seconds!

About the Creator

Tony Pearl has been buying & selling houses since 1997. During that time, he has done all kinds of marketing campaigns, from direct mail to signs, flyers, radio, internet marketing, websites, social media, networking, and many more.
While they all worked, he got frustrated with the fact that they all required time, patience, and money. The arrival of smartphones changed the game, and Tony discovered some killer strategies that worked so well, he didn't need to do any of those other forms of marketing any more!

Real Estate Prospector has changed the game for me. And now, I'm happy to make it available to a few smart, savvy investors who want this powerful advantage.”

Tony Pearl

Here's What You'll Get

Training Videos designed to show you exactly how to set up & use this powerful software to your best advantage.


Your software will be professionally set up FOR you, including the powerful, proven campaigns designed to work!


Your personal access to the REP software, so that you can use it to do all your prospecting FOR you, automatically!


Don't Just Take Our Word For it!
Here's What People Are Saying...

"90% Response Rate?!! I LOVE it!"

"Thank you so much Tony for this AMAZING tool! I absolutely LOVE this software! I was able to reach 70% of my call leads in less than 24 hours and the rest of the 20% in less than 48 hours by sending my automated voice, text and email messages!!! That's a total of 90% call response rate that I NEVER could get before using this software. It was super simple to use and DRASTICALLY cut down on my call time. Now I have way more leads contacting me instead of me wasting so much time trying to reach a majority of sellers who will never respond.
Love it!!!!"

Zahrah McFadgen (New York)

Is This Software & Training System Right For You?

A powerful prospecting tool like this might not be right for everybody. Use this section to see if it's a good fit for you.

Who is this for

  • Real Estate Investors who want a distinctively powerful advantage to contact & prescreen sellers.
  • Anyone who wants to save hours & hours of time.
  • You, if you're looking to virtually eliminate frustration, maximize your efficiency, and save MONEY!
  • You, if you want to blow the competition away & have them wonder how you're able to do so many deals!

Who is this not for

  • Anyone who's not looking for a more powerful way of getting business done.
  • Investors who are stuck in the dark ages & don't want to use the miracle of technology to make things easy.
  • People who whine, complain, and criticize everything.
  • Anyone who just wants to stay where they are and not do more deals, faster & easier than ever.
Get More Motivated Sellers in Less Time

Try this software out for yourself risk free for 30 days. If you do not get more motivated sellers to talk to faster & easier than ever before, just send us a message and we'll refund your money, no questions asked.

Tony Pearl

And if You Act Now, You'll Get These Special Bonuses!

Call me crazy, but we believe in over-delivering. Grab your personal prospecting software today, and here's what else you'll get...

Full, Personalized SUPPORT

When you invest in this powerful software, you won't just be left alone to figure it out on your own! You'll be fully supported to make sure you know how to use it, you'll have full access to several training videos, and you'll get help to set up different campaigns for different, creative uses. This is powerful stuff that's working today!


Spreadsheets & Checklists

They say the right tool makes the job a lot easier. We couldn't agree more. Therefore, we've developed a few tools of our own to help make using this software not only easy, but also wickedly effective. You'll get them, too.

Start Today! Order Below...

Limited Time Offer! (Until we come to our senses):
only $197 to Set Up Your Customized System, 
then Just $37/month to Support/Host/Maintain it For You!!

Now includes setup, a phone Number, and the cost of texting & calls!

  • Customized Prospecting Software Set Up Just For You.
  • Run Unlimited Campaigns!
  • Dynamic Training Videos designed to show you how to use the software properly.
  • Unlimited access to on-demand training.
  • Access to Private Facebook Group for community idea sharing & advanced tips.
  • Spreadsheets and Checklists to insure every campaign is a winner.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What is this? How does it work?

What happens next?

How long do I have access to the course and software?

How much does this cost?

Why did you create this software system?

Will this work where I live? It's a pretty competitive market here.

How can I get a refund?

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